On January 21, 2017 I participated in the Women’s March in Washington, DC. It was exhilarating, and I was very aware of that day being historically significant. Here we are four years later with our first woman vice president. Accidental coincidence? I think not.

As I approach my 70th birthday in a few months, I find myself frequently thinking about how the influence of my baby boomer generation, while still significant, is waning. I yearn for younger people to take charge, for emboldened minds with fresh ideas and undaunted spirits to lead the way.

As I watched the inauguration ceremonies on Wednesday, I was inspired. Again, I was especially invigorated by the optimism and energy of the women and their uplifting performances. Lady Gaga’s arm sweep pointing to the flag as she sang “And our flag was still there!” stirred my heart. This Land is Your Land took on special meaning as it was sung by Jennifer Lopez, the daughter of Puerto Rican parents.

But I have to say the one who inspired me most of all was 22-year old Amanda Gorman as she recited her exquisite poem, The Hill We Climb. With poise and amazing grace, she lifted us up with her word craft.

For there is always light

If we’re brave enough to see it

If we’re brave enough to be it.

Brava, Amanda!  May your words continue to light our way and make us brave.

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